time offNext to the pleasure of starting a new life is getting rid of the old one. Life depends on change and renewal. Life is about taking big bites. Never, never, never give up. You can’t get to the next chapter by re-reading the last one. You can’t read a book until you open it. You can’t write a book without a pen and paper. Writing is like breathing, when you stop you’re dead. Ink is the life blood of fiction.

Words are the food of….wait….enough!! I get it, I’m coming back. Like it or not, my time off from writing is over and it’s time to dust off the word processor.

Well, almost, there are still a few details to take care of before I will have enough time to write, But soon I will be back with new fiction, new politically incorrect commentaries and whatever other fun stuff I can find to share. So, thanks to all who still remember my name, and who care and feeeel deeeeply about the written word, and books, and the meaning of life and death, and ponderous universal truths….and who appreciate a bit of acerbic humor now and then too. Lord knows the world needs some more laughter these days.