The story about the UN treaty on the disabled caught my attention because I am disabled. That’s not a well-known fact and I don’t make a big issue out of it. I’ve had one thing or another since I was a kid and know all too well what it’s like to use crutches, a wheelchair or a cane to navigate through a crowd, into a bathroom or on an airplane. I also know that the US does a pretty good job of respecting handicapped people and does not need the UN or anyone else to tell us how to run our lives.

UNI’ve come to expect that kind of thing from the UN, which over the years has deteriorated into a pathetic ghost of its original self. The original intent of the United Nations was to bring disparate nations together even in wartime. It always suffered from bureaucratic headaches, but every large organization has that problem. Sadly the original ideals seem to be gone and now the UN is nothing more than a public forum easily misused for political reasons.

More disturbing is the willingness of the American media to jump on and spin any story that might make conservatives, especially Republicans, look bad, without any consideration of real details. What do they teach in journalism schools these days? Certainly not truthful reporting. It’s estimated that over 70% of our media is slanted to the left, with some being more obvious than others. Slanting to the right in a news organization isn’t any better and overall the news industry is doing a huge disservice to the American public.

The reality is that we now live in a mostly liberal society. The “new normal” has taken over for better or worse, demographics have changed and obviously the Republicans are slow to catch on. What we’re not hearing is that from a historical perspective, America gets a “new normal” every few decades or so. It’s part of what makes us so great. The ability to adapt and change is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind, although the far left would have us believe the original founders were nothing more than rich, white racists intent on world domination. A new work on Thomas Jefferson tries very hard to show him as a corrupt slave owner for example.

Americans are, overall, about the most generous and warm-hearted people on the planet. We have been there for others around the world whenever needed, and considering the scale involved we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping things fair and balanced at home. By the way, am I the only one who hates the way Fox uses “fair and balanced” in the same breath as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity?

Right now I have a small issue with a local woman who is using the closest handicapped spot for long-term parking. The car never moves and others with handicaps have to park further away and walk around it. She has a tag, but it’s not her car and the owner no longer drives. Now, if the UN wants to take this on I’m happy for the assistance, otherwise they need to mind their own business.