Breaking News: Alabama hostage standoff ends!

Alabama hostage standoff is over. Dykes is confirmed dead, boy is unharmed.


5:30 PM: The story is slowly coming out how it went down. Authorities had been able to insert a camera and could see Dykes with a gun. They coaxed him to the door of the bunker, went in with a flash bang that makes a loud noise and bright light, and shot him dead. There were probably no more than 3-4 on the team and they mostly likely had been practicing the move. This was one of several options they had. The boy is at Flowers Hospital here in Dothan and is reportedly fine but no details were given out. We are all thankful to the FBI and other authorities for the way this was handled. Our sources tell us things were handled by the book, step by step each day. Thank God it’s over. Let’s pray that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again here or anywhere else. At least we can hope. 


There are no details yet but the hostage standoff here in Alabama is over. Dykes is dead and the boy, Ethan, is safe and reunited with his mother. A neighbor said earlier he heard a loud boom, then a gunshot. There are no eyewitness reports yet. We expect to get details shortly.

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