The real epidemic in America is the rise of stupidity. Political correctness, zero tolerance rules followed to the absurd and ill-advised school administrators make for a dangerous situation in our schools. But as stupid as it is to suspend a kid for making a shape with his Pop-Tart, the real problem lies behind the scenes. While schools cry out for more money and Democrats rave and rant that every budget cut will drive teachers to the street (and Republicans stand there looking dumbfounded), there is no lack of administrators. In most cities the administrators outnumber teachers with ratios of 6:1 and higher. That’s where the money is going.

wws226mpThere’s a bigger problem going on that no one gets to hear much about. In Texas, about 80% of the public schools have been mandated to implement a program called CScope, a liberal progressive curriculum that removes historical and social references deemed not politically correct by progressives.

Here’s the biggest rub: parents cannot see what is being taught and teachers are actually sworn to secrecy. People are finally starting to complain but those involved are heavily entrenched in the system.

The Obama-Biden education plan relies heavily on the same concepts and CScope could eventually be incorporated into a federally mandated curriculum for all public schools to receive government funds. Did you know that George Washington and Abe Lincoln didn’t really exist? CScope has eliminated them from the core curriculum for history.

According to the “new order,” America really only started around the time of Teddy Roosevelt, and at least half the names of “famous Americans” taught about are obscure and liberal.

When you see a kid being suspended for blowing bubbles at classmates it’s more than just a level of stupidity at work. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem – a progressive-led agenda to literally brainwash our children and make them good “global” citizens. CScope teaches that the community matters more than individuals and national identity is a bad thing. According to the new lesson plans, America has been a bully and needs to become an equal partner with all nations regardless of politics.

If this sounds familiar it should because it’s basically the same ideology that the current president grew up with and believes in. It’s what is behind taxing Americans into poverty in the name of social justice and what drives almost every left-leaning program on the books. I know this sounds like another dumb conspiracy theory, but it’s not. Don’t take my word for it, go check it all out yourself. And don’t expect any existing politicians of either party to stick up for your rights as long as they are fat and happy.

Our kids are at the forefront of a major ideological struggle and right now the liberal progressives are ahead. The Republican Party is a joke and Obama is expending all his political resources to breaking the GOP once and for all rather than working to make the nation stronger. So when you see a kid getting suspended for doing what a kid might normally do with a cookie or a toy, take a closer look not just at what happened, but why.

The biggest thing that makes people with secrets, like those who run CScope, nervous is being asked why they do things. Hopefully Texans will wake up fully to having been duped. If CScope endures there, it will get in everywhere, but you’ll never know exactly what they are pushing unless you also sign an oath not to talk about it.

Pop-Tart anyone?