Welcome to my newest blog site where you will find the backstory on my columns for The Washington Times Community – where ideas come from, facts and figures behind the columns, additional “bonus” content and comments on writing. One of the things I deal with at the moment is switching hats from writing non-fiction in the column, then returning hours later to writing creepy, psychological suspense stories and making sure the two don’t get mixed up. I sometimes find that while researching a short story it’s easy to wander off and start fact-checking as if it was a column, or to start thinking of news as a fictional story line. Well, there are times when news is stranger than fiction.

What you’re seeing at the moment is the very start of something that will grow and fill out with time. I will also try to be responsive to your requests and interests. Unfortunately many blogs are written by what one friend calls “angsters” since they tend to focus on whatever angst du jour the author is experiencing. I will try not to indulge too much in any of that except as it relates to writing, stories and the news. I hope to keep this interesting and I’m always glad to hear from readers what “interesting” might be for them. Please pardon our appearance, we’re making some major changes and will have more content soon. In the meantime, you can read my regular  columns at the Washington Times Community site. 

Also coming soon (promises, promises): a regular website (Rick’s Study) with info on all my writings, background notes and research materials, plus excerpts and free (complete) short stories, a Facebook page and of course lots of new stories and humor about life in the modern age.

So, please come back  because lots of exciting things are happening right now! If you want to be informed of what’s happening and when the new sites are ready, sign up and we’ll notify you by email. Hope to see you back here again soon!