November 14, 2012Today’s WTC column about Gen. David Petraeus makes fun of men and their affairs, but the situation with Petraeus actually raises a lot more questions than whether he leaked secrets during pillow talk (President Obama said today he didn’t). Why did the FBI not tell the president that one of his key staffers was being investigated, supposedly until after the election? Why was Petraeus not going to testify on Libya (now he is)?  What the hell is the real story about Libya anyway?  Basically this is all one giant mess.

We’ll have to wait for those answers and I’m not going to speculate here. As many of you know I don’t especially trust government at any level so anything I guess at might not be too favorable to those in charge. I’m also not interested in spurring even more animosity between red and blue factions, so like we’ve done in the past let’s just wait and see how things unfold. As I said, if nothing else it makes for good television.

I’m probably going to take some heat from my married male friends for my comments today, but they are starting to get used to me being more in touch with my feminine side than they are. I’ve been unmarried (by choice) for a long time, raised two kids on my own and am now raising a granddaughter, because I’m partially insane. My main beef with my married counterparts however, is that many of them are spoiled to death, first by their mothers then by their wives.

Maybe I’m just jealous because my mother was big on being self-sufficient, and I never managed to capture and keep a personal servant in the name of love. Sharing duties with a spouse is a great thing, but a man should still know how to cook, do laundry and clean up a bathroom. I suppose there may be something in all this that helps explain my bad attitude toward government. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

As you may have guessed there is no corner bar where I hang out these days, though I know of quite a few from my days living up north. There is also no Ernie the bartender and honestly the ones I’ve known are actually pretty nice and don’t have hairy backs or salami breath. Quite a few are divorced though. So why would I make something like that up? Because I also write fiction and that is a type of literary device to introduce an opinion that I don’t care to take credit for.

I won’t always identify literary devices from reality so in the future you have to guess. At some point I may publish a list of  locations I write about and offer a prize to whomever can identify real places from the ones I make up. I’m completely open to doing fun stuff so send me ideas of what you’d like to see here in this blog. We can share jokes, tell stories, roast marshmallows, almost anything.

This blog is for you, the reader, so please let me know whatever you might want to hear about. Within reason of course.