Announcing the publication of Stepping Out of Time — now available in print and for the Kindle (including the Kindle app for tablets) via Amazon Online.

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Saratoga, NY, 1918
Lilith has it all — wealth, influence, a beautiful young daughter and a cheating husband named Adam who gives her what she needs, but not what she wants.

Paris, France, 1918
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is an underage runaway recruited by the French Armée de l’Air. His life takes an unexpected turn when an American friend asks for his help to resolve a unique problem involving the American’s young daughter.

Clairmont, NJ, 2014
Psychiatrist Jesse Clausewitz is called from retirement when a newborn baby is suffocated and its mother is found insanely babbling words from an ancient Sumerian text.

Charleston, SC, 2014
Young Edward Cool finds an old photograph and goes in search of his family history. He is approached by a beautiful woman who calls him Adam and demands to know what he did with her five-year-old daughter, in 1918.


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