Jennifer Glover Jennifer’s sobs mellowed into crying. She looked at her baby, then at Clausewitz. He had a kind face, she thought. He’s not a threat. She heard him say, “My name is Doctor Clausewitz, I’m here to help your baby. Will you let me help your baby?” She thought he looked like a real doctor. They’re supposed to be older and wiser and have grey hair and they speak softly and they love babies. She looked down, touched the baby’s cheek then looked up again.

“He’s cold…my baby’s very cold…” she stuttered.

Clausewitz spoke just above a whisper. “I know that, let me take you both to the hospital and we’ll make everything better. Will you come with me to the hospital?” Jennifer looked suspiciously at him but slowly nodded assent.

“You promise you’ll take care of my baby?” she asked with a whimper.

“Of course. I’m a doctor. I help babies and people every day. I can help you. Please come with me?”

She suddenly looked startled and looked around the room. “Where’s Brian? Where’s my husband? He was here, he, he….where’s Brian!”

“He’s outside waiting for you. He’s fine. You’ll see him if you come with me,” replied Clausewitz quickly.

“He’s going to be very mad at me…..”


 Excerpt from Stepping Out of Time, 
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print and Kindle format.

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