All she had to do was step out of time.

Paris, 1918

Lilith took Evelyn affectionately by the arm and escorted her quickly outside. It was late afternoon and the street was busy with traffic. Once on the sidewalk Lilith turned and put her face close to Evelyn’s.

“I’m afraid your Garden of Eden is not so perfect my dear friend.”

“No, I suppose not. But I was only joking Lily. My father is convinced that Paris is more like the ‘Garden of Evil.’ He’s very angry at me you know.”

Lilith laughed. “This city does have a certain reputation to be sure. But I think ‘evil’ is a bit harsh, even for Paris.” She paused, looked around the street then back at Evelyn, moving even closer to her.

“So now that the men are all gone, what do you say you and I find some fun? It’s not every day a girl gets to see ‘Gay Paree,’ even if there is a war going on.”

“Of course. You can be my guide and teacher,” said Evelyn. “Show me the world I’ve never seen. Show me…life.”

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